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The Rancho Framing Top Alcohol Funny Car had another great weekend qualifying in the #3 position
and running our fastest MPH ever (256.02). Although we lost in the second round we were happy with our
performance against some of the best cars in the country. In the first round of competition our opponent was
unable to make the call so we decided to really try to run hard and we instantly smoked the tires ending the
run. In the 2nd round  we were up against Jay Payne who had lane choice against us which we didn't think
was a problem until Bob Newberry oiled the track in front of us from 100 feet out all the way down the
track. Mark left on Jay with a .074 light to a .097 and had a better 60 foot time .950 to a .963, but it was all
over with as soon as Mark reached the area on the track that had the oil cleaned up. The car started to smoke
the tires and go into violent tire shake forcing the Woz to lift. Jay had the car on kill for us as he went on to
run the 2nd quickest time by an Alcohol Funny Car ever (5.545 @ 258.67).
TV Coverage:  4/22/04 O'Reilly NHRA Spring
Nationals 3 - 4 p.m. (ET) ESPN2
4/25/04 Houston Repeat: 3 - 4 a.m. (ET) ESPN2
Here are round by round results courtesy of NHRA:

BAYTOWN, Texas - HOUSTON - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car
Left Lane: John Patton      Runs 6.437/166.87, Now #8
Right Lane:
Mark Woznichak   Runs 5.788/250.55, Now #2

The left lane claimed its third blower of the round, Patton's letting about 1,000 feet out. "Woz" made a clean,
straight run, but came up a tenth short of Moats' pace. The Safety Safari trucks and tractor headed for the
top end of the left lane once again to clean up the debris.

Notes from round 2 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car

Left Lane:
Mark Woznichak   Runs 5.723/252.28, Now #3
                        Best prior run: 5.788/250.55, Was #3
Right Lane: Bucky Austin     Runs 9.141/94.35, Now #11
                        Best prior run: 11.632/84.74, Was #12
Woznichak made a clean pass in the first round, but Austin was one of three drivers who popped the
supercharger in that round. Woznichak improved over that first run, staying third, while Austin shook, the car
getting sideways before he gave it up as a bad idea.

Notes from final, round 3 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car

Left Lane: Bucky Austin     Runs 5.661/256.11, Now #4
                        Best prior run: 9.141/94.35, Was #13
Right Lane:
Mark Woznichak   Runs 5.649/256.02, Now #3
                        Best prior run: 5.723/252.28, Was #4
Austin has been fighting hard shake at this event and it looks like he figured it out, making a nice, smooth,
straight run here to go from last to fourth. "Woz" also found something, his car crisp and strong at the hit to
move up to third.

BAYTOWN, Texas - SUMMIT FastNews - Results of round 1 eliminations in Top Alcohol Funny Car at
the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 17th annual O'Reilly NHRA Spring Nationals presented by

(W) Mark Woznichak (Rancho Framing Camaro)   0.212     15.246  62.00
(L) Ron Morrison ( Camaro)          -9.999(R) NT-No Show
Morrison was a no-show and Woznichak was lucky, shaking the tires hard. He faces Payne next round,
Payne will pick the lanes.

Results of round 2 eliminations in Top Alcohol Funny Car

(W) Jay Payne (Valvoline Camaro)                     0.097      5.545 258.67
(L) Mark Woznichak (Rancho Framing Camaro)  0.074      9.103  98.60

Woznichak is also seeking his first national event win, driving the Rancho Framing Camaro. He'll have to
come back another time to get it, however, because even a very good run would not have been enough
against the second-quickest TAFC run ever. Payne left hard and went straight. Jay Payne's incremental
times: 60ft-0.963 sec., 330ft-2.477, 660ft-3.663/209.98mph, 1,000ft-4.682. Payne will have lane choice
against Chesterman in the semifinals.
Laura Woz with Family from Texas
BAYTOWN, Texas - SUMMIT FastNews - Order after 3 rounds of qualifying in
Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 17th annual
O'Reilly NHRA Spring Nationals presented by Pennzoil:

Psn No.  Driver                Vehicle                       ET    Speed
1. 4   Bob Newberry         Hussey/Valvoline Camaro          5.551  258.47
2. 3   Cy Chesterman        Chippewa Spring Water Firebird 5.594  256.55
3. 703 Mark Woznichak    Rancho Framing Camaro           5.649  256.02
4. 2   Bucky Austin           Bucky's Muffler Firebird            5.661  256.11
5. 53  Vern Moats             Kendall/SuperWinch Camaro     5.682  249.67
6. 5   Jay Payne                Valvoline Camaro                     5.690  258.86
7. 10  Tate Branch           Bar's Leaks Camaro                  5.743  253.28
8. 9   Steve Gasparrelli      Prisms Unlimited Firebird          5.763  252.71
9. 38  Bobby Martin         Service Technicians Avenger     5.903  242.41
10. 455 Jimmy Jones          Texas Tremor Camaro             6.002  246.17
11. 440 Steve Burck          Profax Avenger                        6.063  240.94
12. 44  Ron Morrison Camaro             6.246  189.02
13. 777 John Patton          Foolish Money II Firebird          6.437  166.87
Top Alcohol Funny Car
Point Standings:
Position  Driver     Points N/D
01 Jay Payne            337 2/3
02 Doug Gordon       265 2/2
03 Steve Gasparrelli   234 3/2
03 Dennis Taylor       234 2/2
05 Cy Chesterman     223 3/0
06 Tate Branch         180 1/2
06 John Patton          180 2/2
06 Mark Woznichak   180 3/1
09 Jackie Stidham      149 0/2
10 Robert Lee            127 2/2
10 Mick Snyder          127 1/1