Results from Bakersfield Lucas Oil Division Race May 16 ? May 18, 2003

Some times its better to be lucky than good. We a had weekend filled with highs and lows going to our first final round
this year. On Thursday we tested and were plagued by ignition problems, never making a full run on the car. We
changed the parts we thought were bad and went on to run a 5.909 @ 243.24 mph on the first qualifying pass which put
us in the #3 position. In the 2nd round of qualifying our ignition problems returned and the car slowed to a 6.059 @
218.39 mph leaving us in the #7 position. On that run it also banged the blower, and not wanting to do any more
damage to that motor, we put in our spare motor in along with a new ignition for the final round of qualifying.  Things
seemed to be turning around on the 3rd and final qualifying session as we stepped into the top half of the field running
a 5.840 @ 245.03 good enough for the #4 spot giving us lane choice for the first round over John Weaver. In the first
round we singled into the next round when John weaver failed to fire. It was lucky for us as the ignition problems
returned and Mark had to lift when the car started to miss and only ran a 6.959 @ 127.40 mph. For the next round we
changed every thing else on the ignition hoping to cure the problem. Mark was up against the #1 qualifier in round two
Dennis Taylor. Mark was quicker than Dennis to half track when the ignition failed again and burned a piston in the
#2 cylinder, causing the blower to bang and Mark had to activate the fire bottles when a small fire started. Luck was
on our side again though when Dennis hit a cone, crossed the centerline and was disqualified. We had a lot of work to
get the car ready for the final and we made it with plenty of time so we went through all the ignition wiring hoping to
solve the problem. In the final round we were up against Ed Marx. Our luck finally ran out as Mark cut a -.033 red
light ending our day. The times were a 6.119 242.19 to Ed Marx?s 6.024 242.58  We had richened the car a lot to let it
not hurt itself  with the ignition problems and that was why it slowed down. Our Next Race will be at Sears Point July
4-6. We would  like to thank all of our fellow racers who helped out at the track, and also our sponsors:
, Direct Transport, Steve Johnson Attorney.
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Results of final, round 3 eliminations in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing
Series, Pacific Division, event at Famoso Raceway:

Mark Woznichak                        75 Ed Marx
E3                  -0.033  6.119 242.19     ****WINNER****  0.071  6.024 242.58
Prior rounds:
E2    (D Taylor    ) 0.040  6.613 140.69      (M Littlefiel) 0.011  5.905 242.78
E1    (J Weaver    ) 0.161  6.959 127.40      (D Gordon    ) 0.038  5.888 247.93
Qualified:             #4  5.840 245.03                        #7  5.900 248.82

6:23 PM Both cars engines are puffing smoke on the start up and Woz had some major blower problems last round. They both
do long burn outs and stage. Woz pushes the lights too hard and Marx will get the automatic win. They run together, but the
times are off from earlier today.
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Results of round 2 eliminations in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series,
Pacific Division, event at Famoso Raceway:

Mark Woznichak                       714 Dennis Taylor
E2   ****WINNER****  0.040  6.613 140.69                           32.500   NS
Prior rounds:
E1    (J Weaver    ) 0.161  6.959 127.40      (R August Jr ) 0.037  5.940 236.03
Qualified:             #4  5.840 245.03                        #1  5.798 244.56

3:39 PM Just a short delay for the TAD cleanup. Two of the best looking TA/FC's start their engines and do their burn outs.
Taylor has a .012 RT, a 5.967 ET and a 213.92 MPH and Wozniachak has a blower explosion near the 1000 foot lights and
slows. The Woz wins and Taylor loses.

Taylor was away first and pulling steadily ahead, when the FC powered over the 660 foot lights. He stayed with it and finished
the run, but to no avail. Woznichak's numbers were fair until after mid-track where the burst panel went flying. So now we
have clean up in both lanes.

Mark Woznichak                        77 John Weaver
E1   ****WINNER****  0.161  6.959 127.40                           No Time
Qualified:             #4  5.840 245.03                        #5  5.855 244.96

Weaver has problems keeping the engine lit and Woz will get the single. It's ugly, as the big alcohol engine sputters and bangs
when the shift doesn't happen!

Left Lane: Jeff Carroll Runs 8.397/109.72, Now #11; Best prior run: 6.861/0.00, Was #11
Right Lane:
Mark Woznichak Runs 5.840/245.03, Now #4; Best prior run: 5.909/243.24, Was #7

Two great looking funny cars come to the line. Carroll only has one good pass this weekend and needs to pick up a bunch. He
shakes, spins, lifts, and spins again. Woznichak did his home work and makes a big move into the current top half of the field.

1  714 Dennis Taylor, Anaheim Hills CA, '02 Chevy Cam  5.798  244.56  244.56
2   76 Doug Gordon, Paso Robles CA, '02 Chevy Camaro   5.802  248.96  248.96
3    2 Steve Gasparrelli, West Covina CA, '03 Pontiac  5.808  227.84  236.22
4  703 Mark Woznichak, Ontario CA, '02 Chevy Camaro    5.840  245.03  245.03
5   77 John Weaver, Hanford CA, '98 Pontiac Firebird   5.855  244.96  247.11
6   72 Mert Littlefield, Garden Grove CA, '02 Chevy C  5.876  245.16  245.16
7   75 Ed Marx, Discovery Bay CA, '95 Dodge Avenger    5.900  248.82  248.89
8  727 Ron August Jr, Pleasanton CA, '02 Camaro        5.946  231.71  231.71

------------ Not Qualified ------------

9   74 Bret Williamson, Campbell CA, '01 Chevy Corvet  5.984  233.22  233.22
10 7787 Tom Bristow, Chino Hills CA, '02 Pontiac Fireb  6.148  238.72  238.72
11  762 Bill Gallio, Anaheim CA, '02 Chevy Camaro       6.683  194.55  194.55
12 7306 Jeff Carroll, Santa Barbara CA, '97 Pontiac Fi  6.861  185.60  185.60
13  777 John Patton, Peoria AZ, '02 Pontiac Firebird    7.302  136.44  136.44
14 7704 Dale VanGundy, Anaheim CA, '98 Pontiac Firebird 9.848   80.97   80.97
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